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Ultra Counter with Batch Controller/For Ultra OVAL, Ultra UF-II


Positive displacement flowmeters "Ultra OVAL" and "Ultra UF-II" provided with batch controller. In combination with pneumatic auto ON/OFF valve, high performance field-type batch system can be configured easily.



Fully pneumatic type (Batch controller is activated by the built-in battery.)


Two models, valve one-step open/close type and valve 2-step open/close type, are available.


As feed volume display and accumulated total display can be switched over, management of total volume is also available.

Major specifications
Type LW74E LW76E
Control system Pneumatic one-step open, one-step close Pneumatic two-step open and two-step close
(can be changed to one-step open)
Ultra OVAL: 39 to 65 types (Nominal size: 10 to 350 mm)
Ultra UF-II: 80 to 88 type (Nominal size: 80 to 450 mm)
Flow range Ultra OVAL: 0.2 L/h to 1000 m3/h (17 types) *1
Ultra UF-II: 8 to 2800 m3/h (9 types) *2
Display Feed volume display: 6-digit LCD, accumulated total display: 8-digit LCD
Operation Front-panel keys (START, STOP, RESET)
  temperature range
–10 to +60°C
Power supply Battery-powered
Output None
Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP65

*1: 5 to 1000 mPa·s in viscosity, *2: 5 to 15 mPa·s in viscosity

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