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The industrial society we live in is experiencing continuous innovative changes like never before. In this environment, with over half a century of dominant involvement in the business of flowmeter and related instrument manufacturing and system integration, OVAL fully utilizes its management and technical resources, as well as social trust cultivated throughout the years in the world of measurement. We are proud to be a company which satisfies customer needs with a full series of in-house developed and tested products, constantly pursuing the principle of the ideal measurement of flow. At the same time, society requires each responsible company to make ecological and social contributions on a global scale. This implies that the role of flow measurement is coming of age, and measurement & control technologies will become more important. Realizing the needs of the time, OVAL, with its ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, and being acknowledged as a Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS) registered company, will continue making utmost efforts to help end-users create "value measurement".