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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mark

OVAL's corporate symbol, showing three growing and rising ovals inside of one large oval, expresses our corporate stance of innovating and developing ourselves, and leaping into the future. Also, as the large oval leads you to imagine the vast universe and the shape of an egg, the origin of life which the word “oval” has, our great potentiality and creativity are made into the shape as well.

corporate mark

Management Philosophy

We contribute to enhancing the quality of life everywhere by creating new value through reliable
measurement technology.

  1. 1“Through reliable measurement technology”
  2. Expand our business domain from "flow measurement technology" to "measurement technology" as a possible new business development for the future
  3. 2“Creating new value”
  4. Provide customers with value-added sensor solutions and services
  5. 3“Contribute to the realization of a prosperous society”
  6. Provide solutions to address the issue of global warming: Contribute to the renewable energy supply chain by providing carbon neutral products related to hydrogen, ammonia, methanation, etc.
  7. The 17 SDGs: Support social activities and industries through our products as a manufacturer of “mother tools for industry.”