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Corporate Development

May 1949 Jun Kashima, the founder of OVAL, begins operations at Higashi-Osaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Jul. 1953 OVAL receive a gas flowmeter manufacturing license, becoming the first company in Japan to produce four types of flowmeters - the other three are water meters, gasoline dispensers and oil meters.
Oct. 1961 OVAL stock is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr. 1972 Production begins at the newly completed Yamanashi Factory.
Aug. 1982 Yokohama Operations Center opens in the Kanazawa Seaside Industrial Area developed by the city of Yokohama.
Jul. 1985 Emerson Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company (U.S.A.), becomes a major shareholder with capital increasing to 2.2 billion yen.
Jul. 1985 OVAL forms an agreement with Micro Motion, Inc. (USA) for technological transfers to continue between the two companies on production of flowmeters and all related technologies.
Oct. 1991 Oval Singapore Pte. Ltd. is founded as a subsidiary of OVAL.
Dec. 1992 The new corporate name, "OVAL Corporation," and the new corporate trademark are introduced.
Aug. 1993 Yang Instrutech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of OVAL, is founded in Taipei, Taiwan.
Oct. 1993 Oval Singapore Pte. Ltd. changes its name to Oval Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and expands the scope of its business since then.
Sep. 1994 Yokohama Operation Center, OVAL's main production site, is certified according to ISO 9001 in Quality System.
Oct. 1994 Beijing Office opens.
Apr. 1996 Hefei Oval instrument Co. Ltd. begins operations in Hefei, China.
May 1996 Yang Instrutech Co., Ltd. changes its name to Oval Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1998 Shanghai Oval Instrument Co., Ltd. is founded in China.
Sep. 1999 Oval Techno Co., Ltd. is founded as new subsidiary of OVAL.
Sep. 2002 5,953,000 shares of OVAL Corporation repurchased from Emerson Japan Co Ltd., the largest shareholder, and equity relationship between the two companies ends.
Sep. 2002 Establishes Oval Europe B.V. in the Netherlands to expand sales and improve maintenance service in Europe and the Middle East.
Apr. 2003 Yamanashi factory and Toyo Seiki Co., Ltd. are consolidated to a new company, Yamanashi Oval Corporation.
Apr. 2004 A subsidiary company in Korea, Oval Gas Engineering Co. is established.
Apr. 2005 In order to rationalize management, OVAL Corporation absorbs its subsidiary, Oval Techno Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2006 OVAL head office is certified according to ISO9001 in Quality System.
Aug. 2006 Yokohama Operation Center is certified according to ISO14001 in Environment Management System Standards.
Sep. 2006 OVAL Corporation is registered as a qualified calibration party according to JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System).
Jul. 2007 Oval Gas Engineering Co. renames to Oval Engineering Inc.
Mar. 2009 Miyazaki OVAL Corporation was established as a joint company with Yoshikawa Electric Co., Ltd. to integrate the manufacture of electric instruments and converters.
Nov. 2009 As part of the business tie-up and capital alliance between TOKYO KEIKI INC. and OVAL Corporation, 1,309,000 shares of OVAL Corporation are assigned to TOKYO KEIKI INC. on Dec. 1.
Jul. 2010 Establishes HEFEI OVAL Automation Control System Co., Ltd. in China.
Aug. 2010 OVAL head office is certified according to ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard.
Jul. 2011 Aiming to develop further growth in overseas flow measurement markets, Tokyo Keiki Inc., Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd., Chino Corporation, and OVAL Corporation create a business alliance.
Mar. 2012 OVAL Corporation is listed as a loanable stock of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May 2012 Changes share unit of stock from 1,000 to 100 in order to improve liquidity of the stock and expand the investor base.
May 2014 OVAL Corporation is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jun. 2016 Transitions to a company with an audit and supervisory committee.
Apr. 2017 OVAL Corporation of America is founded in Texas, U.S.A.
Jun. 2018 OVAL head office and Yokohama Operation Center are certified according to ISO27001 in information security management system standards.
Aug. 2018 Acquired additional shares of Miyazaki OVAL to make it a wholly owned subsidiary.
Apr. 2022 OVAL Corporation has made transition to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.
Jan. 2023 Acquired all shares of Keihin Keisoku Co., Ltd. and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
Oct. 2023 OVAL Corporation has made transition to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market.