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OVAL was established in 1949 as a venture company at that time to realize the desire of the founder, Jun Kashima, to commercialize flowmeters using the Oval gear patent that had been buried for a long time and to make the company exist for the benefit of all people involved.

It is said that civilization began with the measurement of things, and the word "weights and measures," which indicates the three major elements of measurement, length, capacity, and mass, appeared in China as far back as the 11th century BC. As a manufacturer specializing in fluid measurement and control, we have been contributing to society through the creation of new values that meet the needs of the times and the supply of flow standards under the corporate message of "We add value to the flow" while enjoying the patronage of our customers as a mother tool that supports industry.

In recent years, we have also been seriously addressing environmental issues that are occurring on a global scale. The source of our efforts is our corporate philosophy from the time of our founding, "OVAL exists for the people who support and nurture OVAL," and our customer-oriented actions based on this philosophy.

All of us at Oval, regardless of department, understand CSR and will continue to promote activities to satisfy our customers.

President and CEO Jun Tanimoto

President and CEO

Jun Tanimoto