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Valve Position Indicators / PI45, 46, 52, 53





弁開度指示計 / PI45,46,52,53形_容積流量計

弁開度指示計 / PI45,46,52,53形_容積流量計

Connected in series with the hydraulic circuit of a hydraulic drive system, the valve position indicator shows from time to time the valve position or the actuator position of similar equipment by measuring the quantity of oil delivered. It finds extensive use particularly in applications, such as central control of multiple loading/off-loading valves used in oil tankers, reservoir gate position monitoring for water management, and cutters of shield tunneling machines.

Product Specifications


1. Can mount microswitches, potentiometer, or other devices to transmit remote signals: Ideal tool for playing the role of central control.
2. Uses an Oval PD meter for measuring the amount of operating oil displaced: A high accuracy, simple design, sturdy, and compact.
3. The pointer comes into contact with the stopper at 97 to 100% of valve actuator capacity and the remaining 0 to 3% capacity is absorbed by the slip friction clutch. Therefore, the pointer position is automatically corrected each time the valve is opened or shut.

Applicable fluid

hydraulic oil


Model PI type
Type PI45 PI46 PI52 PI53
Connection Only hole, Hole with O-ring, Rc screw
Flow range (L/min) 0.083 to 8 0.17 to 20 1.3 to 50 2.5 to 100
Applicable cylinder volume (L) 0.05 to 10 0.16 to 32 0.39 to 78 0.7 to 140
Operating temp. range –10 to +80°C
Max. operating pressure Standard type: 13.73 MPa, High pressure type: 20.58 MPa
Indication accuracy 0 to +3% (Flow accuracy: Within ±0.3% of reading)
Output Open/Close and Opening travel signal output (option)
Body material FC250, FCD450
Configuration Non-explosionproof*
Applicable fluids Hydraulic operation oil: ISO VG32, VG56 or equivalent

*: For explosionproof type, contact us.

Product Specifications