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New Mini Meter, Mini Meter/High accuracy measurement of fuel oil, lubrication oil


Small flow of various kinds of fuel oils, lubrication oils, etc. can be measured with high accuracy. A positive displacement flowmeter best suited for measuring lubrication oils for various kinds of machines and instruments in the management of fuel oil consumption with small oil burner, furnace for steel, glass, ceramics, etc., and small engine for fishing boat generator.



High accuracy: ±0.5% RD


Wide flow range


Compact, lightweight


Maintenance is easy.

Major specifications
Model New Mini Meter
(without instrumental error adjuster)
Mini Meter
(with built-in instrumental error adjuster)
Connection JIS 5K Flange JIS 5K Flange ASME 150 Flange
Flow range Light oil: 20 to 800 L/h, Heavy oil: 10 to 800 L/h
Max. operating temp. 100°C
Max. operating pressure 0.69MPa 0.69MPa 1.04MPa
Accuracy Within ±0.5% of reading
Power supply Not necessary
Body material FC250 FC250, FCD450
Output None None (with dedicated indicator)
Configuration Non-explosionproof
Applicable fluids Light oil, heavy oil, etc.

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