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Valve Position indicator/Indicator for opening/closing and opening travel of hydraulic valve


Being connected to the hydraulic line of a hydraulic instrument, this flowmeter indicates the opening/closing and opening travel of valve obtained from transmitted oil volume.



Indicator accuracy: 0 to ±3%


Flowmeter accuracy: ±0.3% RD


Remote indication is available. Therefore, it is best suited for central control instrument.


Robust and small size

Major specifications
Model PI type NPI type
(small size)
Type PI45 PI46 PI52 PI53 NPI45
Connection Only hole, Hole with O-ring, Rc screw
Flow range (L/min) 0.083 to 8 0.17 to 20 1.33 to 50 2.5 to 100 0.083 to 8
Applicable cylinder volume (L) 0.05 to 10 0.16 to 32 0.39 to 78 0.7 to 140 0.05 to 10
Operating temp. range –10 to +80°C –10 to +80°C
Max. operating pressure Standard type: 13.73 MPa, High pressure type: 20.58 MPa 13.7MPa
Indication accuracy 0 to +3% (Flow accuracy: Within ±0.3% of reading)
Output Open/Close and Opening travel signal output (option)
Body material FC250, FCD450 FC250
Configuration Non-explosionproof * Non-explosionproof
Applicable fluids Hydraulic operation oil: ISO VG32, VG56 or equivalent

*: For explosionproof type, contact us.

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