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Gas OVAL/For gas measurement


A flowmeter for gas measurement that is rare with positive displacement flowmeter. Metering chamber configuration is precisely and especially designed for gas measurement. A positive displacement flowmeter best suited for measuring general gases including air, carbon dioxide gas, and nitrogen gas.



High accuracy: ±1% RD


Battery-powered model is also available (battery replaceable).


Low pressure loss


Explosionproof model is also available.

Major specifications
Nominal size 15, 20, 25, 40mm
Connection JIS 10K Flange
Flow range 180L/h to 20m3/h (5 types)
Operating temp. range –10 to +60°C
Max. operating pressure 0.97MPa
Accuracy Within ±1% of reading
Power supply DC-powered or battery-powered
Body material Aluminum
Output Pulse
Configuration Explosionproof (IP66) or non-explosionproof (IP53)
Applicable fluids Air, nitrogen, carbon oxide gas, city gas, LPG, etc.

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