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FLOWPET-NX/Inexpensive type for feeding oil to boiler


Inexpensive positive displacement flowmeter mainly intended for measurement of fuel to boiler. Field check of total flow is possible with mechanical counter.



High accuracy: ±0.5% RD


Power supply unnecessary (Mechanical counter)

Major specifications
Nominal size 20, 25, 40, 50mm
Connection JIS 10K Flange
Flow range * 80 to 24000L/h (5 types)
Operating temp. range 0 to 120°C
Max. operating pressure 1.18MPa
Accuracy Within ±0.5% of reading
Power supply Not necessary (Power supply is required for output furnished model.)
Body material FC250
Output Pulse (Option)
Configuration Output available model (non-explosionproof only), IP65 or equivalent
Applicable fluids Kerosene oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc.

* 2 to 5 mPa·s in viscosity

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