Thermal Mass Flowmeter

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Mass flow monitor/Inexpensive model for energy conservation management

Mass flow monitor
Mass flow monitor

This is a thermal mass flowmeter for energy conservation management allowing the measurement of utility gases including air and nitrogen in a wide range. With the function of Yen converted indication, the flowmeter shows the amount of gas consumed and the amount of leakage by converting the gas amount to the amount of money, promoting efficient accomplishment of energy-saving measures while improving user's consciousness of energy saving.



Wide flow range


Can display and output the flowrate converted to normal flowrate (0°C, 1 atm) directly requiring no compensation of temperature and pressure


Display provides the function of "Yen converted indication" in addition to "total", "accumulated total", and "instantaneous flowrate".

Major specifications
Nominal size 15mm 20mm 25mm 40mm 50mm
Connection Rc1/2 Rc3/4 Rc1 Rc1·1/2 Rc2
Flow range
  [L/min (normal)]
10 to 600 15 to 800 35 to 2200 85 to 5000 135 to 8000
Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C
Operating pressure range 0 to 0.7MPa
Accuracy (linearity) * At flowrate below 40% of full scale: ±2% of full scale
At flowrate of 40% or more of full scale: ±5% of full scale
Power supply DC-powered
Body material PBT resin Aluminum (machined)
Output Analog, pulse
Configuration Non-explosionproof, indoor use, IP65 Non-explosionproof, indoor use, IP65 or equivalent
Applicable fluids Compressed air, nitrogen

*: Accuracy is subject to temperature and pressure characteristics

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