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Mass Flowmeter for Gas Service

Format:454FTB, 504FTB, 534FTB, 2444, 2445






Our Thermal Mass Flowmeters are for gas measurement.
Their measuring principle takes advantage of the fact that calorie amount taken away from the heated sensor by a fluid flow is correlated to the mass flow.
The sensor inserted in the process line samples a representative flowrate across the line to infer the total flowrate.

  • energy saving
  • high and low temperature service model
  • explosionproof
Product Specifications

A new generation of thermal dispersion flowmeters:

Full digital control has eliminated the need of a bridge circuit.

Sophisticated and user friendly features:

Simplified communication with USB interface, HART communication feature, Profibus communication feature, RS-485 (Modbus) communication feature, Error logging feature (keeps a maximum of 200 error events in 16 different alarm types), Min./max. logging feature (records maximum and minimum readings in flowrate, fluid temperature, transmitter temperature), Trend memory feature (stores a maximum of 56 hours of flowrate / temperature trends).

Long life and high reliability. Plus increased maintainability.


The retractor unit is a device for connecting and disconnecting an insertion type massflow meter without discharging line pressure. This device is used for application for which it is necessary to connect or disconnect a meter while feeding gas such as line whose sensor may be tainted or line that cannot be stopped after it is once operated. It is necessary to carry out selection according to customer's specifications. If you need a retractor unit, please contact our company.

Other features

• Wide flow range, high accuracy
• Can display and output the normal flowrate (0°C, 1 atm) directly requiring no compensation of temperature and pressure
• High durability thanks to the absence of moving parts
• Low pressure loss

Applicable fluid





Major specifications

Model Insertion type In-line type Flow Straightener Built-in In-line type Portable type
Nominal size/
Connection size
65 mm min. 15 to 100mm
(10 types)
15 to 200mm
(24 types)
80mm and bigger*1
Connection system Screw-mount or flange Flange Screw-mount
Connection standard JIS 10K,
ASME 150, 300
JIS 10K,
ASME 150, 300
Current speed/
flow range*2
0 to 84
0 to 1560
0 to 3640
0.1 to 55
Operating temp. range Standard: –40 to +260°C
High temperature: –40 to +500°C*3
–40 to +125°C Standard: –40 to +200°C
High temperature: –40 to +500°C
Max. operating pressure Less than 1MPa 1MPa
Factory calibrated accuracy Standard: ±2% of full scale*4
High temperature: ±3% of full scale
±2% of full scale*4 ±2% of full scale for flow velocity
Power supply AC-powered or DC-powered AC-powered
Material Sensor: Alloy C276 (Hastelloy C276 or equivalent)
Output Analog, pulse, alarm (Pulse and alarm are optional) Analog (optional)
Configuration Basic explosionproof, IP66*5 Non-explosionproof,
Applicable fluids Air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, methane, other Air, Nitrogen

*1: For sizes less than 80 mm, consult the factory.

*2: Depends on fluid, temperature, pressure, and bore size.

*3: Only air, nitrogen, and oxygen

*4: ±2% of reading can be corresponded by actual gas flow calibration (only with air or nitrogen)

*5: For requirement of explosionproof, consult the factory.



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Insertion, In-line type and Portable Type

Product Specifications