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Our system equipment includes flowmeter calibration system, loading and unloading integrated system, auto parts inspection equipment, analytical equipment. Based on the made-to-order system, we can offer system instruments meeting customer requirements.

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By utilizing sophisticated technologies of gas flow JCSS-registered company, we offer highly accurate gas testing system such as admission decision equipment for flowmeter calibration system combined with critical nozzle (SV meter) and gas control instruments. When you make a study of using a critical nozzle that complies with the national flow standard in worldwide countries including Japan, please contact OVAL Corporation, a specialist of critical nozzle.

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We manufacture various kinds of instruments related to fluids as in mixing, coating, adding, spraying, and filling by made-to-order system. When you study introduction of such instrument for the purpose of automation or power saving, please contact OVAL. We have abundant experiences from small-sized to supersized products and can propose the equipment meeting customer needs.


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