Flowmeters and System Solutions

Flowmeters and System solution.



Various Skids

Various devices such as pumps, valves, flow meters, etc. can be installed on a foundation in advance at the factory and integrated to form a single package.
The skid not only facilitates transportation, but also construction, installation, and commissioning at the site.

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Production Example

Simple Batch System

This is a compact and easy-to-move system in which the flow meter control panel and piping equipment are placed on a cart.

1. High-precision quantitative filling and tank-to-tank transfer are possible.
2. The system is mobile and can be shared by multiple facilities.
3. Can be easily connected to meeting facilities.
4. A mechanism to repair toxic gases generated during filling is also possible.

Structural drawing


We can propose the most suitable additive control depending on the properties of the additive and the method of addition, such as addition by flow totalization batch control using a flow meter or addition using a metering cylinder.
The flowmeter can measure and control by mass using an OVAL Coriolis flowmeter as well as additive control using a reliable volumetric OVAL flowmeter.
In addition, it is possible to control addition by quantitative control with a quantitative cylinder that has the same quantitative characteristics as a syringe.
Recently, we have also manufactured an addition system with improved reliability by connecting a flowmeter to the metering cylinder.