Flowmeters and System Solutions

Flowmeters and System solution.



System Equipment

In constructing a system, we design a combination of various devices in addition to various flowmeters.
This section introduces the totalizer printer that can receive pulses from the flowmeter and print records, as well as various devices for use in explosion-proof areas.

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Integrating Printer

Totalizes, Records, Prints, and Saves Data of Values Measured by The Flowmeter.

Compact Data Printer

CliP series

Multi-channel Data Printer

CLAMP series

Full-custom Printer

CLSP series

Update of Former SSR Printers

We have a range of standard products that can be used to upgrade from old SSR printers.

old SSR printers YPFT/YPFM-*** FMM/YPMM-**** FMD-****
Manufacturing plants, water supply and drainage facilities, etc.
Industrial water, manufacturing plants, etc.
Manufacturing plants, thermal power stations, etc.
Made by Clues Compatible models CLiP Series CLMP Series CLSP Series
Automatic paper winder (optional) with USB data saving function
CLiP Series
Touch panel interface
with USB data storage function
CLiP Series
Touch panel interface
with USB data storage function

*The design allows for easy replacement in terms of specifications, installation methods, and terminal connections.


Field Equipment

Explosion-proof card reader (data communicator) EL7510

This is an explosion-proof card reader.
Capable of reading magnetic cards or contactless IC cards.
Simple display is possible.
Data can be input using a numeric keypad.

Card reading point

Explosion-proof type indicator

This indicator uses LEDs for easy viewing in the field.

Explosion-proof remote start switch (with hatch sensor reading)

This is a switch that allows the user to set the shipping quantity and start shipping near the loading area.
This switch can be used as an interlock of hatch management system by attaching the reading part of hatch sensor.

Explosion-proof type grounding device (magnet absorption type)

This is a device that removes static electricity from the vehicle body.
When attached to the vehicle body, it can output a mounting signal and can be used as an interlock for the shipping.