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Batch System

Flexible support for both small and large scale facilities!

This is a system that combines a flow meter and a metering valve to weigh a predetermined amount with high accuracy.


Basic configuration of the batch system

The batch system consists of three parts: a high-precision flow meter, a metering mechanism (counter-type metering device/batch counter), and a metering valve (valve).
The basic operation is as follows: "The digitally configured metering mechanism sets the desired amount of fluid to flow, and when the total volume of the flowmeter reaches the set value, the metering mechanism sends out a signal and automatically closes the valve for metering control.

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Features of the Batch System

1. suitable for rationalization of fluid receiving/shipping control, preparation process control, transfer control, etc.
2. can meet all kinds of requirements, from simple to complex process control.
3. we combine our accumulated technical achievements as a flowmeter specialist with the latest electronics technology to build the best system for each process.
4. we have a lot of experience in the production and shipping process of petroleum, chemical, food, paint, etc.

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Types of Batch System Products (Quantitative Mechanisms)

The following types of quantification mechanisms are central to a batch system.

System Model code Setting method Quantitative signal for valve control Features
connected counting
section method
Counter type
Pushbutton Air
(1-stage or 2-stage closed)
Suitable for
repetitive operation in the field.
– It is pneumatically operated, so it can be used safely in hazardous areas.
– LW74E…Single-stage closing,W76E…Double-stage closing
Counter type quantitative meter LW74E、76E
Pushbutton Electric
(Two-stage opening and closing)
– Ideal for remote
centralized management and sequence control.
– It is suitable for tank blending of other liquid
types and labor saving in the preparation process.
– Built-in scaler
Batch counter EL1812
Explosion-proof type
LED counter
(Push button)
(Two-stage opening and closing)
– Explosion-proof construction and various fail-safe mechanisms enable safe operation in the field.
– Suitable for shipment control of LPG, chemical products, etc.
– A wide range of functions are available, including setting and reading of various parameters, checking of operation status, and abnormal alarm.
Explosion-proof type batch counter EL7320
Explosion-proof type
LED Counter
(Two-stage opening and closing)
– Explosion-proof construction and various fail-safe mechanisms enable safe operation in the field.
– Ideal for managing shipments of LPG, chemical products, etc.
– Equipped with communication function
– A wide range of functions are available, including setting of various parameters, checking of operation status, and abnormal alarms.
Explosion-proof type batch counter EL7210

Types of Batch Systems

Directly connected counting section system

- Counter type quantifiers LW74E, LW76E
Features 1.
1. Simple digital metering system with all operations performed on site. 2.
2. The LW74E and LW76E are pneumatically operated and are suitable for use in hazardous locations where explosion or ignition is a concern. 3.
3. LW74E is single-stage closed type, LW76E is two-stage closed type. 4.
4. Applicable ultra oval
Capacity type 39 (nominal size 10mm) to 65 (nominal size 350mm)

Batch counter method

- Electronic Batch Counter EL1812
Features 1.
Batch volume can be set, started, stopped, and reset using the push buttons on the front of the instrument for reliable operation.
2. start, stop, and reset operations can be performed by external signals, and batch completion output can be obtained, making it easy to interlock with other control systems.
An alarm signal can be issued if a process abnormality occurs and no pulses are transmitted, or if the flow exceeds the set batch volume.

- Explosion-proof batch counter EL7210, EL7320
Features 1.
1. explosion-proof and all-weather type, so it can be used safely in hazardous locations indoors and outdoors. 2.
2. Equipped with a microcomputer, the EL7210 and EL7320 are equipped with various display and alarm functions for safe and reliable operation in the field. 3.
3. temperature compensation is available (EL7210 series only)
4. communication function enables connection to a host computer. (EL7210 series only) .

Batch blending system

Batch blending system is a solution for mixing fluids in a constant ratio.

It has been widely used in factories all over the country regardless of industry, mainly in the food and chemical industries.

Batch blend method

The batch blend method uses a batch counter to calculate a set amount of each product to achieve a fixed mixing ratio, and then throws the product into the mixing tank before mixing.
1. Mixing accuracy is improved because batches are fed at a flow rate almost proportional to the amount of material being prepared.
2. No contamination of the added liquid if it is not added in the initial and final zones, so that the next unnecessary lot can be handled immediately.

Multiple Quantitative Batch System

This system enables automatic total control of each process from batch preparation of raw materials and blending to product filling and shipping.

1. Batch preparation of raw materials is automatically performed according to the pre-registered product blending chart.
2. automatically checks product quality (density, brix, etc.) upon completion of blending.
3. CIP washing can be automatically performed after the completion of production if necessary.
4. various interlocks can be controlled.
5. can be integrated with a host system as required.