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We respond to customer needs with our experience and achievements since our establishment.
We deliver solutions using the measurement sensors that only a flowmeter manufacturer can provide, converted into various devices and systems.

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SV meter standards Household city gas meter inspection equipment

The SV meter has the characteristic of being able to supply the required air flow rate instantaneously and with high accuracy. This characteristic is effectively utilized in the household gas meter inspection equipment.
By instantly creating a test point (L/h) at a specified inspection flow rate, the inspection time can be greatly reduced. In addition to the above, OVAL manufactures many other automatic inspection devices such as air flowmeter inspection devices for automobiles, throttle valve characteristic devices, and strainer differential pressure inspection devices.
OVAL can automate the entire flow measurement process and provide traceable measurement data as desired.

Injector Flow Rate Inspection System

OVAL has a wide range of flowmeter models that can be used for highly responsive and accurate flow measurement, such as injectors for automobiles. The Injector Flow Inspection System is an inspection system that combines the system technology and flow measurement technology that OVAL has cultivated over the years in the automotive industry. As shown in the figure, the reference unit can be a servo flowmeter or an electronic balance. OVAL will tailor-make an inspection system to meet your requirements.