Flowmeters and System Solutions

Flowmeters and System solution.



Design and Construction

We undertake equipment design and construction work business!
We will meet your needs with our experience and achievements since our establishment!

OVAL can provide one-stop service from preliminary investigation to design, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance, including piping and instrumentation work necessary for system construction.


Main Features

Proposing optimal equipment and systems to meet customers' requirements

We provide various batch systems, blending systems, filling systems, flow rate testers, etc. as the most suitable system to meet the customer's requirements, utilizing our measurement technology cultivated as a flow meter specialist.

We can handle the whole process, even construction.

Permission of construction business
 Electrical work
 Piping construction business
 Machinery and equipment installation construction business

Permit number
 Permission of the Governor of Tokyo
 Tokyo Governor's Permit (Special-28) No. 36676