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Receiving and Shipping System

From small-scale lorry shipping systems to receiving and hatch-controlled shipping
Flexible support for integrated large-scale systems

Utilizing OVAL's batch control technology to date, this system ships all types of liquids from containers and lorries to ships.

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Simple Shipping System

This is a simple shipping system that combines a batch counter with a flow meter and metering valve.
The shipping volume is set by the batch counter.
Using the EL7320/EL1812, up to several types of shipping quantities can be registered in advance.
The system can also be made mobile by placing it on a cart.

POS shipping system

A card reader and a card are used to identify the vehicle.
The amount of shipment is set by the remote start switch on site or the numeric keypad on the card reader.
The system can record the shipment results for each vehicle.

Reservation matching type shipping system (with hatch management function)

The system receives reservations in advance from the host system and identifies the reservation from the car number recorded on the card.
The shipment volume is set from the identified reservation.
Using the hatch management function, it is possible to set the amount of shipment for each hatch of the lorry from the reservation, which helps prevent incorrect shipments.

Integrated Management System

This system performs centralized monitoring of all equipment in the plant.
Inventory management based on information from the tank management system and receiving/shipping system.

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