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OVAL VORTEX FLOWMETER/Standard type, Gas purge type, Insertion type


A thermistor sensor picks up the occurrence of vortex caused by the flow velocity change in the manner -- changes in thermistor temperature -- changes in resistance value -- a train of pulses proportional to the flow velocity and measures the flowrate.
Gas purge type is configured to be purged with a clean gas (room temperature) from external source to the thermistor sensor. Therefore, fluid to be measured does not touch the thermistor sensor, permitting accurate flow measurement of gases containing dust and mist, low temperature gases, or others previously thought difficult to be measured.



Low pressure loss thanks to the absence of moving parts


High maintainability (Replaceable type is available.)


High repeatability


Accurate measurement of gasses containing dust and mist and high and low temperature gases is possible. (Gas purge type)

Standard typeStandard type
Gas purge type Insertion type
Insertion type
(For exhaust gas
Standard type Gas purge type Insertion type

Major specifications
Model Standard Gas purge type Insertion type
Nominal size Wafer type 20 to 150mm 50 to 150mm
Flange type 200 to 500mm 200 to 500mm
Applicable tube size 200 to 2000mm
Gas (0.2 MPa air) 3 to 19000m3/h
(12 types)
21 to 19000m3/h
(9 types)
72 to 67800m3/h
(10 types)
Operating temp. range –20 to +130°C
(Depends on body material.)
–20 to +80°C
(Gas-purge type with radiator fins: –20 to +350°C)
Flange standard JIS 10, 20, 30K
ASME 150,300
ASME 150
JIS 10, 20K
ASME 150
Max. operating pressure Depends on flange standard. Less than 1MPa
Accuracy ±1% of reading or ±1% of full scale ±2% of full scale
Applicable fluids Gas
Power supply DC-powered
Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP65 or equivalent
Output Pulse

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