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EX DELTA II - Battery Powered PAF5 Model




With a design to be more usable than ever before, EX DELTA II Battery Powered PAF5 Model operates on an internal battery. In this series, the need of an external power source has been eliminated from the field-proven EX DELTA Ⅱ, which has enjoyed extensive use as a dedicated local monitor, thanks to its all-around characteristics of vortex flowmeter. The display selects variables of the total flow and instantaneous flowrate with an external switch. We also supply models with a separately mounted transmitter to be installed across the field - some located as far as 50 meters from the centralized monitor and control room.

Product Specifications


1. Wide flow range with a high degree of meter accuracy.
2. Liquid service EX DELTA Ⅱ DIA has our proprietary diamond-shaped vortex shedding bluff body combined with a separately-mounted sensor to reduce scale buildup to a minimum, justifying its use with consistent performance in "dirty" process fluid applications (patent applied for).
The sensor is isolated from the process material and a simple design with no moving part contributes to long service life.
3. Battery powered, it requires no electrical installation from an external power source. [Uses five 3.6V lithium metal battery packs. Good for 7 years on a 24 hours a day continuous operation (model integral with a preamplifier), or 4 years (model with separately mounted preamplifier) basis.
4. Has multiple display functions such as simultaneous display of the total and the instantaneous flow rates, bar graph display of the instantaneous flow rate, and alarm display functions including pre-announcement of low batteries.
5. Waterproof (IP66/67) and intrinsically safe explosion-proof configuration (Exd IIB H2T1, T4). Ideal to serve as a flow sensor dedicated to local monitoring.
6. Models with separately mounted preamplifier enables the
operator to monitor multiple sensors at a central control room.

Applicable fluid


Model Standard Dia-shaped
Wafer type 10 to 150mm(15 mm min. for steam) 15 to 80mm
Flange type 15 to 300mm 50, 80mm
Applicable tube size
Fluid (water) 0.2* to 2510m3/h(11 types)
(* Accuracy ±2% FS at 10 mm)
0.8 to 172m3/h(5 types)
Gas (0.2 MPa air) 2*to 15000m3/h(11 types)
(* Accuracy ±2% FS at 10 mm)
Steam (0.5 MPa
saturated steam)
0.02 to 47.6t/h (10 types)
(15mm min.)
Applicable fluid Liquid, gas, steam Liquid
Operating temp. range –30 to +300°C
–30 to +460°C(For high temperature of replaceable sensor)
Flange standard JIS 10, 20, 30K ASME/JPI 150, 300, 600
Max. operating pressure 4.51MPa (Depends on flange standard and flange material.)
Accuracy ±1% of reading or ±1% of full scale
Power supply DC-powered or battery-powered
Body material SUS316 or SCS14A
Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof,
IP66 (DC-powered), IP65 (battery-powered))
Output Analog, pulse



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Standard Battery Powered PAF5 Model

Product Specifications