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EL4301/Density Computer for Mass Flowmeter, EL4311/Density Computer for Mass Flowmeter (Solids content flow calculating capability provided), EL4321/Density Computer for Oscillating-Spool Densimeter


This instrument receives density and temperature signal from the flowmeter (Densimeter with EL4321) and indicates and outputs the density and temperature before and after computation with correction.



Parameter change can easily be made by operating the front-panel key and by inserting an IC card.


Fully digitalized computation enjoys high accuracy and high reliability.

Major specifications
Kinds Density computer
Type EL4301 (For Mass flowmeter) EL4311 (For Mass Flowmeter/Solids content flow calculating capability provided) EL4321 (For Oscillating-spool Densimeter)
Power supply for combined flowmeter Densimeter: 28 VDC
Pressure transmitter: 24 VDC

Density (before and after correction), temperature, other

Density (before and after correction), total flow (mass, solids content flow), instantaneous flowrate (mass, solids content flow), temperature, other

Density (before and after correction), temperature, pressure, molecular weight, specific weight, other

Input signal Density, temperature Flow, density, temperature Density, temperature, pressure
Function Temperature correction, communication Scaler, frequency division setting, F/I conversion, temperature correction, communication Temperature correction, pressure correction, communication
Output signal Analog, alarm Analog, pulse, alarm Analog, alarm

Computation range

Temperature –200 to +200°C *1 –200 to +200°C *1 –20 to +75°C (Span limited)
Density 0 to 6.0000g/mL 0 to 6.0000g/mL 0 to 60g/L
Pressure 0 to 3 MPa (Span limited)

Computing accuracy

Density before correction

±0.001g/mL *2 ±0.001g/mL *2

Density after correction

±0.002g/mL or
±0.006g/mL *2
±0.002g/mL or
±0.006g/mL *2
±0.1% of SPAN
Temperature ±0.1% of SPAN or ±0.3% of SPAN
Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C
Configuration Non-explosionproof
Power supply AC- or DC-powered

*1: Depends on input signal. Limited in span.
*2: Accuracy with ALTImass and ULTRAmassMK II combined

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