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EL4131/Liquid Flow Computer EL4501, EL4511/Liquid Flow Computer with Multifunction Temperature Compensator EL4211/Mass Conversion Liquid Flow Computer EL4401/Mass Conversion Liquid Flow Computer


This instrument accepts flow and temperature signals from a flowmeter and indicates and outputs the total flow and instantaneous flowrate before and after computation with correction. EL4211 can also make mass conversion in terms of density.



Parameter change can easily be made by operating the front-panel key and by inserting an IC card.


Fully digitalized computation enjoys high accuracy and high reliability.

Major specifications
Kinds Flow computer for liquid
Type EL4131 EL4501 (Multiple temperature correction) EL4211 (Density Mass Conversion) EL4401 (Oil Blending on temperature correction)
Power supply for combined flowmeter 8.5, 13.5, 24 VDC (depends on combined flowmeter)

Total flow (before and after correction), instantaneous mass flow (before and after correction), temperature, etc.

Total flow (before correction, after viscosity correction, after viscosity and temperature correction), temperature, set density, set viscosity, etc.

Total flow (before and after correction), instantaneous mass flow (before and after correction), temperature, density value, etc.

Total flow (before and after correction), instantaneous mass flow (after correction), temperature, blend ratio, etc.

Input signal Flowrate (pulse), temperature Flowrate (pulse), temperature, blend ratio
Function Scaler, frequency division setting, F/I conversion, instrumental error correction, temperature correction, communication
Output signal Analog, pulse, alarm

Computation range

Temperature –50 to +350°C
(Span limited)
–10 to +118 *1 –50 to +350°C
(Span limited)
0 to 100 *2
Density *3 *3
Viscosity 0.4 to 199.9mPa·s

Computing accuracy

Total flow after correction

±0.2% RD ±0.2% RD ±0.2% RD

Total flow after viscosity and temperature correction

±0.075% RD
Temperature ±0.1% of SPAN or ±0.3% of SPAN
Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C
Construction Non-explosionproof
Power supply AC- or DC-powered

*1: Excluding the range not specified in JISK2294-1995. Correction reference temperature: 15°C
*2: Excluding the range not specified in JISK2249-1987. Correction reference temperature: 15°C
*3: Crude oil: 0.6105 to 1.0750 g/mL, fuel oil: 0.6530 to 1.0750 g/mL, lubrication oil: 0.8000 to 1.1640 g/mL

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