Air Eliminator

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Air Eliminator

Air Eliminator

When metering a liquid with a flowmeter, accurate flow measurement is not possible, if entrained air or gas is present in the liquid. Especially, such entrainment may take place at the beginning or at the end of a given metering run. An air eliminator is used to remove entrained air and gas beforehand to ensure correct liquid flowrate measurement.
A model complying with the standard of Second Class Pressure Vessels, a model for high-pressure liquids, and a model combined with a strainer are also available.

Major specifications
Model Low pressure type *1 High pressure type
(for loading)
With strainer function
(for loading)
For loading For unloading
Nominal size 100 to 500mm 50 to 500mm 40 to 200mm 25, 40, 50mm
Connection JIS,ASME/JPI flange
Max. operating
0.97MPa 0.97MPa 2.94MPa *2 0.97MPa
Max. operating
80°C 80°C 120°C 110°C

*1: A model complying with the standard of Second Class Pressure Vessel
*2: Depends on connection standard

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Vent tank: A tank for collecting oil mist exhausted from the air eliminator (manufactured by OVAL)

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