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Constant flow valve

A valve that keeps the flow rate on the secondary side constant even if the fluid pressure on the primary side fluctuates. Since it follows sudden flow rate fluctuations, it is possible to prevent runaway of the flow meter due to excessive flow rate, maintain accuracy, and improve durability.

Product Specifications


● With a simple principle, it has excellent responsiveness.
● There are few components and there are almost no failures.
● The shape is simple and easy to install.


Applicable fluids※1 Gasoline, kerosene, light oil, heavy oil, and other petroleum products
Fluid Temperature 180℃
Accuracy ±10%*2
Setting Flowrate 1.8 to 600m³/h
Controllable differential pressure range 1.8 to 600m³/h
Allowable pressure Flange standard PT rating
(Separate type depends on gasket tolerance)
Materials Pressure vessel FC250, SCPH2, SCS13
Gasket V6500 (allowable pressure 3.0MPa at 100 ℃ or less)For separate type
Nominal size 50 to 250A
Flange standard JIS 10KFF, JIS 10KRF, JIS 20KRF, JPI125FF, JPI150RF, JPI300RF, ASME125FF, ASME150RF, AMSE300RF

* 1: Please contact us for non-petroleum-related water and chemical liquids.

* 2: Accuracy may vary depending on usage conditions, so please contact us with the model, fluid name, minimum working pressure, and maximum working pressure

Product Specifications