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Rack Mount Transmitter MT9431 (for High pressure models and D Sensor Maintenance)

ラックマウント形変換器 MT9431(超高圧形、旧Dセンサ用)_コリオリ流量計

ラックマウント形変換器 MT9431(超高圧形、旧Dセンサ用)_コリオリ流量計

Model MT9431 transmitter is an intelligent electronic instrument built around a microprocessor, capable of making mass flow measurements of a wide variety of fluids with a high degree of precision. Compactly built on a rackmount chassis, it is intended for transmitter maintenance purposes of existing Oval Coriolis flowmeters in the field. Selectable outputs include flowrate (mass and volume), density, and temperature in the analog form besides flowrate pulse output, output to the density computer, status output, and Bell 202 communication output.



● Outstanding accuracy thanks to digital signal processing in the microprocessor.
● Density output (4-20mADC) available (option)
● Volume flow output (frequency and analog) available (option).
● Compactly built - 200mm deep.
● Parameter changes, monitoring process variables, and error detection are simple when used in combination with Smart Communication Unit EL2310.
● Zeroing can be performed by pushing the transmitter button. Auto zeroing through communication or status input from the EL2310 is also available.