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ULTRAmassMKⅡ High pressure type



A high-performance Coriolis flowmeter capable of directly measuring mass flowrate with high accuracy. High accurate measurement is also possible for the purpose of large mass flow measurement.

Product Specifications


● Exceptional accuracy (±0.2% ±zero stability error of reading for liquid service) and high sensitivity (measuring range 1 to 200).
● Accepts both liquid and gas. Measures precisely with small pressure loss over a broad flow range.
● Measures density and temperature accurately in addition to mass flowrate.
● Minimum pockets for the process fluid to stand (in vertical installation) offer ease of cleaning.
● Lightweight and compactly built, yet exceptionally high mechanical strength. The result is ease of handling, installation space saving, and increased process safety.
● Explosionproof construction permits meter installation in a hazardous location.

Sensor Unit

Model CN010H (G) CN015H (G)
Materials Wetted parts Alloy C-22 , Equivalent Alloy (CX2MW)
Housing SUS304
Process connection Screw Rc3/8 Screw Rc3/4
Applicable fluid Liquids and gases
Density range 0 to 2 g/mL
Temp. Range Non-explosionproof –200 to +200°C
Explosionproof T2: –20 to +200°C, T3: –20 to +140°C
Max. Operating pressure 36MPa at normal temperature 43MPa at normal temperature
Sensor housing withstanding pressure 3.0MPa 2.2MPa
Installation Horizontal mount or vertical mount
Flow direction Bidirectional
Explosionproof configuration Intrinsically safety explosionproof (Ex ib IIB T2, T3)

※1: Miscellaneous: For products conforming to the high pressure gas safety regulations and consult our representative.


This pressure does not represent the withstanding pressure of pressure vessel ratings, but shows 1/4 the pressure of the breakdown test pressure (four-fold pressure test),
accepting a deformed casing, or that in the FEM analysis, whichever is lower (safer level): it actually represents the withstanding pressure below 1/4 the breakdown pressure.

※3: In applications where fluid and atmospheric temperature exceeds 130˚C, select high-temperature service meters.

Product Specifications