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V torque II/Pneumatic valve actuator


A small, lightweight pneumatic valve actuator that can automate the existing manual valve on the line



Most suitable for use as emergency shutoff valve (subject to Fire Protection Law)


Can operate remotely from a distant place.


Installation in the explosionproof area is easy.


Easy mounting

Major specifications
Model VTC-15 (Low torque type) VTC-25 (High torque type)
Shutoff torque 40 to 250N·m 150 to 400N·m
Opening torque 400N·m 600N·m
Feed air pressure 0.4MPa (0.35 to 0.7MPa)
Air consumption 680L/min (normal) 1100L/min (normal)
Case material Aluminum casting
Ambient temperature –10 to +60°C

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