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SU1352/Meter Selector


Installed in the equipment consisting of two flowmeters, large and small in flow range, with some range overlap, and an ON/OFF valve, the meter selector outputs the signal to open or close the ON/OFF valve depending on the result from the comparison between the measured value and preset value of the large flowmeter. Further, when the ON/OFF valve is fully opened, the large flowmeter outputs pulse signal, and when the valve is fully closed, the small flowmeter does the same. As two large and small flowmeters can be used by switching, expansion of the flow range is possible within the range of standard accuracy.

Major specifications
Type SU1352
Power supply for combined
13.5, 24, 32 VDC (depends on combined flowmeter)
Input signal (large flowmeter,
  small flowmeter)
Pulse (Current, voltage, open collector, contact)
Max. Hz *
Flowrate Open MOS-FET
Valve open/close Open MOS-FET
Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C
Configuration Non-explosionproof, non-waterproof
Power supply AC- or DC-powered

*: There are limits of capability depending on the combined flowmeter.

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