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Psonic-L4/Multipath, High accuracy model


Multiple path ultrasonic flowmeter suitable for oil measurement.
Adopting parallel 4 beams, accuracy of ±0.15% in reading is achieved.



High accuracy measurement of various kinds of liquids is possible.


No-maintenance required (due to no moving parts).


Near to zero pressure loss.

Major specifications
Applicable fluids Petroleum, heavy oil, other liquids
(Homogeneous liquid through which ultrasonic wave propagates)
Nominal size 100, 150, 200, 250, 300mm
Measuring principle Reciprocal propagation time difference method, 4 beams
Process connection JIS10, 20, 30K RF, JPI150, 300 RF, ASME150, 300 RF
Flow metering range −10 to +10m/s
Accuracy ±0.5%RD (Standard), ±0.15%RD (high accuracy calibration)
Temp. range −20 to +120°C
Max. operating pressure Depends on flange rating (Design pressure : 8MPa at 120°C)
Configuration Explosionproof (TIIS, ATEX), IP66

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