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ME meter/Flowmeter for cold water and hot water


A turbine flowmeter for measuring cold water and hot water including industrial water with excellent performance and construction. It is suited for heat control and energy saving in boiler feed and drain recovery applications.



Wide flow range (Excellent in low flow sensing)


Small wetted area and high durability


Low pressure loss

Major specifications
Model For cold water For hot water
Nominal size 40 to 300mm (10 types) 40 to 300mm (10 types)
Connection JIS 10K Flange, ASME 150 Flange
Flow range 0.7 to 2000m3/h (10 types) 1.8 to 1200m3/h (10 types)
Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C 0 to 130°C
Max. operating pressure 1MPa
Accuracy ±2% or ±5% of reading
Power supply Not necessary (Power supply is required for output available model)
Body material SUS304, other
Output Pulse
Configuration Output available model is non-explosionproof type only
Applicable fluids Water

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