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EX Turbine







A turbine flowmeter for industry application that allows stable high accuracy measurement for the liquid with a wide range of viscosity including low Reynolds number area. It is suited mainly for petroleum, liquefied gas, and water flowrates.

  • high function,high performance
  • explosionproof
Product Specifications

Aiming at an ideal turbine meter design

With low pressure loss, long service life and a wide range of acceptable fluids, two types available to choose from.

■Operating Principle and Construction
EX TURBINE measures the process fluid flowing across it with a rotor turning freely on its shaft which is fixed parallel to the flow path. As the rotor turns proportional to the flowrate, this rotational frequency is electrically picked up to obtain the flowrate information. Due to the marked difference in nominal diameter/ flowrate, the small and medium size EX Turbine meters have bearings and support members designed to minimize their cross sectional area, whereas the medium and large size EX Turbine meters are so designed to increase rotor blade rigidity relative to their diameter to achieve precise flow measurement in low Reynolds number regions.

①A high degree of accuracy
Linearity to ±0.15% in the most demanding application.
②Low pressure drop saves energy.
③High resolution and consistent accuracy over many years' service.
④The turbine rotor made up with the latest precision-machining techniques features interchangeability.
⑤Fine ceramics and tungsten-carbide alloy are used for rotor bearings to increase durability.
⑥A broad operating range from −200℃ to +300℃.

EX TURBINE for high viscosity service
①Introduction of a shroud ring permits precise liquid flow measurement in low Reynolds number regions.
②A high frequency of pulses generated per rotor revolution benefits meter testing with the master, such as a pipe prover.
③Linearity to±0.15% or better..... desirable in the accounting field.
④Rotor blades - paper-thin yet sturdy enough thanks to a double-ended shroud ring, and shaped to give a helical surface area reduce pressure loss more than the traditional cantilever, or single-ended, blades.

The rotor hub diameter is smaller than that of the rear support in our design, resulting in a greater sectional area of the flow path around the rotor hub and a reduction in flow velocity. As a result, a pressure (ΔP) acting on the reverse face of the rotor, opposite to the flow direction, appears to cancel out the thrust force (Ps) acting on the shaft.

Integrally-mounted LCD total counter

A converter with cumulative digital total counter and resettable counter.
The total count is retained to an internal non-volatile memory (EEPROM) as backup.

Applicable fluid




light oil

general chemical liquid


Major specifications

Model Standard type, low viscosity type Standard type, high viscosity type
Nominal size 15~50mm 80~400mm
Connection JIS 10, 16, 20, 30K Flange, ASME/JPI 150, 300 Flange
Flow range 0.63~54m3/h(standard type, 5 types) 10~4500m3/h(standard type, 8 types)
Operating temp. range -30~+120℃(standard, for non-explosionproof type)
Operating temp. range 4.51 MPa (depends on connection standard and operating temperature)
Accuracy ±0.2% or ±0.5% of reading
Power supply DC-powered
Body material SUS304, other
Output Analog or pulse
Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP66
Applicable fluids Petroleum, liquefied gas, water, other

*: Flowmeters for high temperature of 350°C max. and for low temperature of -196°C min. are available.



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Product Specifications