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Pulse relay field type totalizer (Explosionproof)


This counter displays cumulative total value and instantaneous flow rate indicated value at field by relaying the pulse signals on the route connecting Coriolis flowmeter, oval flowmeter, turbine
meter etc. with receiving instrument (control room).
The robust flameproof enclosure and an easier to view display give high reliability to the field work, contributing to the efficiency of the process.

  • explosionproof
  • battery powered model
Product Specifications


1. Value of cumulative total flow and instantaneous flow rate are displayed at the field.
2. The display is large and easily readable.
3. Since this display unit can be installed separately from the meter body, flow monitoring is possible, even if the meter is installed at high place or the surrounding conditions are harsh.
4. This unit can be connected so as to relay between the flowmeter and receiving instrument in a remote control room.
5. Because of the built-in replaceable battery, external power supply is not required (life duration: approx. 4 years).
6. The device is equipped with the alarm display function including the life duration of battery.


Installation method Attached to 2B (50A) pipe (with a dedicated mounting bracket)
European directive and standard EMC: EN 61326-1, RoHS: EN 50581
Explosionproof configuration ExdIICT6X
Waterproof configuration IP66/67*1
Ambient temperature Explosionproof product: −20 to +55°C, Non-explosionproof product: −40 to +70°C
Ambient humidity 5 to 100% RH, no dew condensation in enclosure
Housing material Aluminum die-casting
Coating of case polyurethane coating, ISO12944-compliant
Finish Body: Munsell 10B8/4; lid (front and rear): Munsell 2.5PB4/10
Response frequency 200Hz max. (input division: up to 3kHz supported at the setting of 1/10, 1/100)
Display Height of character: upper stage 10.5mm, lower stage 7mm, display rotation by optical switch
(1) 8-digit resettable total display (integral part max. 7-digit + decimal number)
(2) 8-digit cumulative total display
(3) 6-digit instantaneous flow rate display (selected from /day, /h, /min, /sec)
(4) Instantaneous flow rate bar graph display
(5) Other: Battery charge remaining alarm display, switch operation display, alarm display, key lock display, equipped with backlight
Input Factored pulse or Unfactored pulse Contact or open collector pulse
Input resistance: 10 Ω, reception level: Hi ≥ 0.5mA, Lo ≤ 0.1mA
Voltage pulse
Input resistance: 5.1k Ω, reception level: Hi ≥ 3.0V, Lo ≤ 1.5V
Current pulse (4-20mA)
Input resistance: 91 Ω, reception level: Hi ≥ 15mA, Lo ≤ 7mA
Conduit connection M25 pressure tight packing system (applicable cable diameter: φ8.1 to 13.0mm):
Pull out the cable from the lower side (central part) of front side.
Close-up plug socket diameter: 12.0mm (※2)
(The plugs at both sides are explosionproof protective parts so please refrain from using while removing the plugs in principle.)
Max. transmission length 1km (relayed by line between receiver and transmitter)
Power supply Dedicated battery*3
Life duration: approx. 4 years (8h/day operating, 30min./day backlight lighting
The life duration of battery varies depending on setting, configuration, and use environment etc.
Data protection All settings are saved in EEPROM. The cumulative values are backed up (every minute).
Weight 1.9kg approx. (pressure tight packing 0.1kg is not included)

*1:Electric conduit of each product to be shipped is protected by a close-up plug of IP43 equivalent.
If the storage persists for long time, please pursuant to [Precaution Statement for Storage] written on the instruction manual.

*2:”12mm” wrench is not contained in the general wrench set.

*3:Contact us for a replacement battery.


*You need to fill out the questionnaire to download documents.



Product Specifications