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Flow Straightener


When using a turbine meter or Vortex Flowmeter that is susceptible to eddies, swirl flows, ununiform distribution of flow velocity, etc. created by existing pipeline arrangements (elbows, reducers, valves, etc.) or by the type of pumps used in the upstream of the flowmeter, installing this straightener in the upstream of a flowmeter allows flow measurement to be made at all times under consistent conditions. Excellent straightening effect of the flow straightener contributes to the reduction in the length of the straight tube at the upstream of the flowmeter.

Major specifications
Nominal size 20 to 600mm
Connection standard JIS 10, 20, 30K flange, ASME 150, 300 flange
(Only JIS 10K and ASME 150 are available for nominal size 400 mm or bigger.)
Max. operating pressure Depends on flange rating.
Operating temp. range Body material cast steel: –10 to +300°C, body material stainless steel: –196 to +300°C
Applicable fluids Liquid, gas, steam

*: A short pipeline with a length of 5D (D: Nominal size of flowmeter) is required downstream of the flowmeter. The 5D short pipeline is provided as a standard product.

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