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EL2310/USB Connection Smart Communication Unit


The Smart Communication Unit is a communication terminal unit for the operator to set up, alter, adjust parameters, or read out variables in the field or remotely through interactive communications combined with OVAL Smart series flowmeters. Using a Windows PC at hand as the terminal, it connects to the 4 to 20 mA DC signal transmission lines of the flowmeter to show multiple process windows.

Major specifications
Interface Connector USB (A type)
Input and output signals Bell202←→USB
Operating temperature –5 to +60°C
External dimensions Body: D50 x H20 x D35 mm
Probe: Approx. 1500 mm (fixed to the interface body)
Case Plastics (black)
Communication protocol HARTprotocol
Communication terminal resistance Load resistance 250Ωmin.
(Max. value depends on transmitter (flowmeter transmitter) specifications.)

Monitors flowmeter transmitter output
Reads, sets up, and saves parameters (saved to FD, HD or other storage media)
Trims analog output
Tests analog output loop
Reviews self diagnostic messages

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