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Attention and Disclaimer

Before using our Web sites, please make sure to read following Attention and Disclaimer.
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  • Unless stated otherwise, each product name on this Web site is the trademark or registered trademark owned by OVAL.
  • Including net viruses, possible disorders in use are carefully being checked by OVAL, however, OVAL shall not be liable for any disorder or virus infections you may have by browsing of, or accessing the information on the sites, whether directly or indirectly in any case whatsoever.
  • Content of the Web sites may be changed or deleted by OVAL without notice.
  • You are required to contact us for prior consent if you wish to link to our Web sites before doing so. No reply from us to your advice does not mean our consent to your request. Also, linking to our site is only allowed to the top page; If you hope to link to other pages of the sites, you are required to notify of such intention. If you hope to link to ours, please contact us at here.
  • OVAL will not reply or respond to any question, inquiry or otherwise to other Web sites which linked through from ours as they are addressed to them.
  • The Web sites are designed to optimally be displayed in Internet Explorer version 5.2 and later and you may have not-good or distorted pictures depending on the browser’s specifications if you use Netscape Navigator. OVAL is very carefully paying attention to the accessibility to the sites. So your advice of found failures other than the browser’s format, such as literal errors, or linkrots, is highly appreciated.