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Explosionproof Batch Counter


Combined with a flowmeter and valve, the batch counter measures a predetermined amount of process fluid in batching operations. As a piece of explosionproof equipment, the batch counter is suitable for outdoor applications. It saves time and effort in various processes, such as blending materials, dosing with additives, transferring fluid from one tank to another, or shipping process, mainly in chemical, food, and paint industries.

  • explosionproof
Product Specifications


1. Flameproof rated
The batch counter is flameproof rated (Ex d IIB T4) and can be implemented in hazardous locations Zone 1 and Zone 2.

2. Easy to operate
(1) Parameter settings, start, stop, and reset can be done by pressing large pushbuttons on the front panel.
(2) Improved visibility for outdoor and/or remote applications with large LED display (7-segment, 25.4mm).
(3) With each operation function (start, stop, and reset) and parameter setting function assigned separately to different buttons, erroneous setting will be prevented.

3. Erroneous setting protection
Accidental erroneous settings can be prevented by selecting predefined batch settings with the cam switch. Up to five batch settings are available.

4. Accurate batching control
(1) The valve can be programmed to open and close in two stages for precise batch control.
(2) Setting anticipated overshoot enables the batch counter to correct the overshoot caused by response lag from the valve.

5. Feasible system construction
With the ability to operate by remote commands (start, stop, and reset) and batch-end output function, interlocking with other process control systems can be easily done.

6. Increased process safety
(1) The batch counter controls a valve in two stages (two-stage open, two-stage close). This prevents static inside pipes or tank at the start of operation, and hydraulic shock at valve closure.
(2) An alarm signal can be generated when there is no pulse input or the batch counter receives a pulse exceeding the batch setting for any reason.

7. Reliable and easy to maintain
(1) This equipment is highly reliable and easily serviced since internal electronics are assembled as units.
(2) Every input/output system is isolated by photocouplers and/or relays.
(3) FeRAM storage retains the total count and other parameters when the power is turned off.

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Type EL7320
Power supply for combined flowmeter 13.5VDC or 24VDC
Display Batch set value, batch amount, accumulated total flow, etc.
Input signal Flowrate (pulse), External operation
Output signal Valve operation, batch completion, alarm, flowrate pulse, pump operation
Function Scaler, frequency division setting
Ambient temperature –20 to +50°C
Configuration Explosionproof
Power supply AC-powered



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Product Specifications