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BATCH COUNTER / Non-explosionproof


Combined with a flowmeter and valve, the batch counter measures a predetermined amount of process fluid in batching operations. It saves time and labor in various processes, such as material blending, additive dosing, filling, injection, transferring fluid from one tank to another, or shipping process, mainly in chemical, food, and paint industries.

Product Specifications


[1] Simple operation
(1) Ensured operation of setting, start, stop and reset of batch quantity using front touch panel and push buttons.
(2) Easily viewable touch panel implemented 3.5inch compact color LCD module.
(3) Operational error is prevented by separating the operation into push button operation for start, stop, reset, and touch panel operation for batch quantity setting.

[2] Prevention of setting error
Nine types of batch quantity can be preset and read out by operation on the touch panel which prevents setting errors.

[3] Precise batch control is possible
(1) Operation signal opens and closes the valve at two stages, enabling precise batch measurement.
(2) By setting predicted overshoot amount, precise batch operation is enabled by correcting the overshoot amount resulting from response delay of valves.

[4] System can be configured easily
Start, stop and reset operation can be made with signal input and batch completion output can be obtained at the same time, enabling easy coupling with other control systems.

[5] Ensured process safety
(1) As valve operation is implemented by 2-stage opening and 2-stage closing, static electricity in piping and tank at start up or water hammering at valve closure is prevented.
(2) An alarm signal output will be generated when abnormal process occur and incoming pulse is lost or fluid exceeds the set batch amount and leak.

[6] Highly reliable and easy maintenance
(1) Internal configuration comes in a unit and realizes high reliability and ease of maintenance.
(2) All I/O systems are isolated by photocoupler / relay etc.
(3) When the power is turned OFF, totalized value and each setting value will be held in FeRAM.

To use the external channel operation input, it is necessary to prepare the connector of D-SUB25 pin by yourself and connect the circuit for selecting a channel to D-SUB terminal on the rear side of this batch counter.

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Type EL1812
Power supply for combined flowmeter 13.5VDC or 24VDC
Display Batch set value, batch amount, accumulated total flow, etc.
Input signal Flowrate (pulse), External operation
Output signal Valve operation, batch completion, alarm, flowrate pulse, pump operation
Function Scaler, frequency division setting
Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C
Configuration Non-explosionproof
Power supply AC-powered



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Product Specifications