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We offer strainers, flow-straighteners, air eliminators and other ancillary instruments which required to keep the performance of flowmeter as well as fluid-related products such as a small actuator that can convert a manual valve into automatic type.

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Located at the inlet of a flowmeter, a strainer prevents foreign object from entering the flowmeter. It is essential for the flowmeter with moving parts such as positive displacement flowmeter.
Nominal size: 10 to 400 mm. Jacketed type is also available.

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When metering a liquid with a flowmeter, accurate flow measurement is not possible, if entrained air or gas is present in the liquid. Especially, such entrainment may take place at the beginning or at the end of a given metering run. An air eliminator is used to remove entrained air and gas beforehand to ensure correct liquid flowrate measurement.
A model complying with the standard of Second Class Pressure Vessels, a model for high-pressure liquids, and a model combined with a strainer are also available.

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Air Eliminator

Located at the inlet of a flowmeter, a straightener can stabilize the flow speed distribution at the inlet of the flowmeter. Excellent straigntening effect contributes to the reduction in the length of the straight tube at the inlet of the flowmeter.

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A small, lightweight pneumatic valve actuator that allows modification of conventional manual valve to automatic valve in on-line state.

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By installing divertor, a flow path can be changed.
Makes piping arrangement easy.

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Vent Tank: A tank for collecting oil mist exhausted from the air eliminator
   (manufactured by OVAL)

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