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Hi Shot Servo 1/Servo type ultra micro flowmeter


Flow can be measured accurately by continuously controlling the flow using the servomechanism so that the differential pressure between inlet and outlet of the flow is zero. A positive displacement flowmeter best suited for measuring the injection flow of engine injector, injection flow from filling nozzle, micro flow of laboratory or test plant, and micro additives in various production processes.



Zero pressure differential, high accuracy, fast response


Wide flow range


High resolution (30 L/h model minimum pulse unit: 196 nL/P)

Major specifications
Type LHS1030 LHS1060
Flow range 0.1 to 30L/h 0.2 to 60L/h
Connection Rc1/4
Operating temp. range –10 to +80°C
Max. operating pressure 1MPa
  error accuracy
Reproducibility ±0.02% per temperature change within ±1?C
Repeatability 2σ=0.04% (at 1/2 full-scale flow)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz (AC 200 V is supported optionally.)
Body material SCS14
Output Flow pulse, temperature analog
Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP67
Applicable fluids Light oil, gasoline, kerosene oil, ethanol *

* For other fluids, contact us separately.

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