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Eggs DELTA/Inexpensive and plastic resin molded type


Eggs DELTA is a Karman vortex flow monitor that is serviceable with liquids and gases. It is best suited for consumption control of energy fluid and for end-of-line fluid flow management, being mounted to a variety of devices. Output-dedicated model without display "Eggs DELTA Pulse" is also available.



Dustproof and mistproof construction


Wet gas is also measurable.


Maintenance free thanks to the absence of moving parts

Major specifications
Nominal size 4mm 8mm 15mm 25mm
Flow range
Fluid 0.4 to 4 1.1 to 15 2.8 to 45 8.3 to 133
Gas 7.2 to 17 18 to 90 55 to 283 167 to 850
Connection R male screw (plastic resin), Rc female screw (metal),
NPT male screw (plastic resin)
Applicable fluids Liquid (cooling water, pure water), gas (air, nitrogen)
Body material PPS plastic resin
Operating temp. range –10 to +80°C
Max. operating pressure 0.98MPa
Accuracy ±3% of full scale
Configuration Non-explosionproof, IP53 or equivalent
Power supply DC-powered or battery-powered
Output Analog or pulse (flowrate, alarm)

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