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core1001/Digital Panel Recorder (Totalizer type)


This instrument is a new-concept product that incorporates a "recording" function in conventional totalizer. It displays cumulative total flow and hourly and per-minute instantaneous flowrate in a single unit and generates a factored pulse output.


Records cumulative total flow and instantaneous flowrate on the attached micro SD card.

A signal unit interfaces with other peripheral equipment in the remote measurement.


Connectable with alarm, indicator lamp, etc.

Externally controls the start and end of recoding.

Major specifications
Type core1001-B-00-A core1001-A-00-A*
Power supply for
  combined flowmeter
13.5VDC or 24VDC
Input signal Pulse Analog
Output signal Pulse, Analog, Alarm Analog, Alarm
Display Cumulative total, Reset totalizing,
Instantaneous flowrate, Bar graph, Time
Instantaneous flowrate, Bar graph, Time
Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C
Configuration Non-explosionproof
Power supply AC power supply

*: core1001-A-00-A has no totalizing function.

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