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Hi Shot Servo 1





ハイショットサーボ 1_容積流量計

ハイショットサーボ 1_容積流量計

Applying our proprietary precision rotors, this flowmeter measures the process flow at a high degree of accuracy as a servo mechanism continually controls the rotor rotation to maintain“zero differential pressure”across the inlet and outlet at all times. Ideal for measuring of injection quantity into engines, injection nozzle flowrate, microflows at laboratories and test plants, or precisely controlled additives in very small quantities.

Product Specifications

Principle of Operation

to maintain the meter error at zero

As the fluid flows across the meter, a pressure differential is created between the inlet and outlet of rotors. The resultant pressure differential moves a free piston incorporated in the capillary line in the bypass.
A photodiode sensor keeps track of the position of free piston and feeds back the obtained position information, via the controller, to the servomotor. It thus serves to maintain the pressure differential between the inlet and output of rotors at zero continuously.
By maintaining the pressure differential at zero, highly accurate flowmetering can be achieved over a broad flow range.
Exceptionally high resolution benefit is attributed to the high speed pulse train produced by an encoder synchronized with the revolution of servomotor.


① Magnetic coupling :
Connects the servomotor to the rotors. Compared with the traditional direct shaft coupling, its benefits include desirable sealing performance, long life and consistent accuracy particularly in low flow ranges.
② Measuring unit :
Rotors are accommodated in a cartridge type measuring unit for maximum ease of rotor replacement. In the event of rotors jammed with foreign solids, you can promptly replace them in the field and resume operation in the line after you enter parameter "meter factor" of the cartridge measuring unit into the controller.
③ Phorodiode sensor section :
Readily detachable to facilitate cleansing.
④ Filter :
A built-in filter (500 mesh screen) designed to preclude foreign solids affords adequate protection against a clogged external filter.
⑤ Free piston section :
Designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Just in case of air entrapment in the piston area, a bypass is provided to permit release of entrapped air.

Applicable fluid



light oil


Major specifications

Type LHS1□030 LHS1□060
Flow range 0.1 to 30L/h 0.2 to 60L/h
Connection Rc1/4
Operating temp. range –10 to +80°C
Max. operating pressure 1MPa
error accuracy
Reproducibility ±0.02% per temperature change within ±1°C
Repeatability 2σ=0.04% (at 1/2 full-scale flow)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz (AC 200 V is supported optionally.)
Body material SCS14
Output Flow pulse, temperature analog
Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP67
Applicable fluids Light oil, gasoline, kerosene oil, ethanol*

* For other fluids, contact us separately.



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Product Specifications