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ALTImass TypeU




Ultimate U-shaped flow tube based on the optimized and unified design

Equipped with a sophisticated transmitter (self-diagnosis feature, large size display, and field reconfiguration capability using touch panel), “ALTImass Type U” is an all around high performance Coriolis flowmeter capable of mass flow measurement at a high degree of accuracy. Notable functionality in applications where measurement of extremely low flow, short-duration filling process, etc. together with routine flowrate measurements.

  • low flow . extremely low flow
  • high function,high performance
  • high and low temperature service model
Product Specifications

Enhanced maintenance functions

● Zero-point adjustment function (2 methods: Status input by front key operations or adjustment button on the transmitter)
● Error logging function
● Clock function (Accmlated time from power on is saved in the transmitter)
● Factory default parameter reloading function
● Parameter backup function to the display unit

Satisfactory self-diagnostic feature

● Status of the flowmeter is presented by two-color backlights (white, orange) and two LEDs (red, green).
● Input signal (sensor) check for disconnection
● Pipeline vibration check

Large-size display! Settings can be changed in the field.

Display screen is large and easy to view with a backlight facilitating setting in a dark place.

Improved zero stability

●Conventional model

●Type U


Model CA00A, CA001, CA003, CA006, CA010, CA015, CA025, CA040, CA050, CA080, CA100, CA150, CA15H, CA200, CA20H, CA250
Nominal size 1/4”, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
Process Connection JIS 10, 20, 30, 40, 63K RF
ASME 150, 300, 600 RF, JPI 150, 300, 600 RF
DIN PN 10, 16, 25, 40RF, Ferrule, Screw
Acceptable fluids Liquids, Gases
Flow range 0 to 2800000kg/h (16 models)
Accuracy Flowrate Liquids ±0.1%RD (CA003 to CA200)
±0.1%RD±Zero stability error (CA20H to CA250, High temperature service model)
±0.2%RD (CA00A, CA001)
±0.2%RD±Zero stability error (High pressure service model)
Gases ±0.5%RD±Zero stability error
Density Liquids ±0.0005g/mL (CA003 to CA250)
±0.003g/mL (CA00A, CA001, High temperature service model)
±0.004g/mL (High pressure service model)
Temperature range
(Differs by explosionproof
Standard model : −200 to +200℃ (Applicable to all models)
High temperature service model : −40 to +350℃ (CA025 to CA150)
Low temperature service model : −200 to +50℃ (CA025 to CA250) (Explosionproof model)
Max. operating pressure Depends on flange rating
Wetted materials SUS 316L, SUS 316L+Alloy C, Alloy CC
Explosionproof specification TIIS, ATEX, IECEx, KCs, CSA, NEPSI, ITRI
Maritime certification DNV GL



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Type U / High Performance

Product Specifications