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Explosionproof Type BATCH CONTROLLER


Designed to be used in combination with a flowmeter and a shutoff valve, the batch controller passes a predetermined amount of the process fluid in batching operations. Built around a microprocessor, this versatile, easy-to-use controller features elaborate calculating capabilities. It saves time and effort in many processes, such as blending materials, dosing with additives, transferring materials from one tank to another, or shipping from an outlet, at chemical, food, paint plants or elsewhere where streamlined production lines are desired.

  • explosionproof
Product Specifications


1. Field-installable in hazardous areas:
Flameproof enclosure (Exd II BT4) permits installation in hazardous locations (Division 1 and 2).

2. Easy to operate:
The controller responds to batch setup, start, stop, and reset commands - all at the touch of front-panel pushbuttons.

3. Accurate batch control:
Thanks to the output of status valve operate signals (2 points) and 4/20mA PID control signal, application-specific accurate valve control and accurate batch measurement can be achieved.

4. Simplifies system configuration:
Can control the system with a start, stop, and reset signal arriving from a remotely located point. Also available is an end-of-batch signal. All these features greatly facilitate interlocking with other control systems.

5. Increased process safety:
(1)The status valve control signal, when set to a two-state open (restricting the initial velocity) and two-stage shutoff (restricting the final velocity) mode, opens and shuts off the valve in two stages; this arrangement prevents not only static electricity buildup in the pipeline or in the tank at startup, but also water hammer, or hydraulic shock, to the pipeline at valve closure.
(2)The system can be configured to produce an alarm signal or sound a buzzer whenever trouble occurs in the process for some reason, resulting in the absence of pulses, or when measurement is made beyond the preset batch quantity.

6. Communication interface as standard feature:
Has communication capabilities with the host CPU.
Interface: RS-485 (standard) RS-232C (option) USB
Protocol: Modbus RTU
Baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps

7. Improved reliability and easy maintenance:
1) All major circuits are modularized on printed circuit boards for increased reliability and serviceability.
2) In power cycling or in the event of power failure, a builtin EEPROM storage retains variables and parameters.

Major specifications

Type EL7210
Power supply for combined flowmeter 13.5VDC or 24VDC
Display Batch set value, batch amount, accumulated total flow, instantaneous flowrate, temperature, pressure, density, etc.
Input signal Flowrate (pulse), external operation, temperature, pressure
Output signal Valve operation, batch completion, flow control, flowrate pulse, alarm, pump operation
Function Temperature correction, pressure correction
Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C
Configuration Explosionproof
Power supply AC-powered


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Product Specifications